gsu 2010 spring commencementjournalist christiane amanpour

Faculty Expectations

Instructors who teach your classes want you to learn essential information from their area of expertise, develop some of the skills they have mastered and acquire informed perspectives. Using various teaching techniques, your professor seeks to promote your learning and success. They seek to guide you, motivate you and outline for you the body of knowledge to be learned. The college professor teaches, but only you can learn. Knowing what faculty members expect of you may help you maximize your learning opportunities.

Your instructor expects you to:

  • Be informed about instructors’ policies, which are presented in the course syllabus, as well as the policies of the Georgia State University On Campus Student Code of Conduct.
  • Attend all classes, except when emergencies arise. If health and weather allow, your instructor will be present and on time for every scheduled class meeting. You should be, too.
  • Be an active participant in class, taking notes and asking appropriate questions. Your involvement will benefit you and your classmates.
  • Treat the instructor and fellow students with courtesy. Refrain from any behaviors that may distract others. You expect to be treated with tolerance and respect and to enjoy a learning environment free of unnecessary distractions. Your classmates deserve the same.
  • Cultivate effective study strategies. Being an effective student is not instinctive. Use your study time wisely, seek help from the instructor when you need it and avail yourself of resources provided by the university.
  • Study course material routinely after each meeting. Stick to a regular study schedule and avoid cramming. Submit finished assignments on time and do not postpone working on them.
  • Accept the challenge of collegiate studying, thinking and learning. Anticipate that the level and quantity of work in some courses will exceed your prior experiences. If you have significant responsibilities besides your studies, such as work and family, set realistic academic goals and schedules for yourself. Select an academic load whose work demands do not exceed your available time and energy.
  • Let no temptation cause you to surrender your integrity.